Thankyou where can I buy it online that's well know/not dodgey?

There are plenty of stores on eBay, but I’ve bought everything via actual shops. I like the safety of having warranty just in case something fucks up.

hey man, was just wondering what flash you use? just getting into the game and trying to figure out which one to buy. cheers!

I use a 430exII Speedlite, very happy with it.

What camera would you recommend for somebody to buy as their first camera? Not too expensive(around £300) but with the best quality possible?

I’d definitely suggest a Canon 600D, affordable and quite versatile.

I’m slowly introducing myself to Twitter.

If you feel like keeping up to date, jump online and follow my occasional posts.


How's your new camera treating you? Any huge differences in the 5d Mk III to the 550d that you'd like to touch on?

Absolutely fabulously, it’s the best decision I have ever made to purchase a Mk III.

Full frame for one, been a huge bonus over the crop sensor. Depth of field is incredible - my 50mm 1.4 looks so crisp and being able to shoot higher than 1600 ISO without grain is always a bonus. My 550D used to grain up at 1600 and I shoot without flash regularly - it becomes a pain.

That being said, I’m not selling my 550D - it’s a decent backup camera.

What camera body do you use And are you a camera user who likes to shooting in av mode or complete manual?

Currently using a Canon 5D Mk III, upgraded from a 550D.

I shoot completely manual, all the time.