Are those the only three photos you have of 1975? Such great shots!!

I have plenty more up on my flickr account. Thank you!

The 1975 album.

Even if you do not end up touring with bands, i still think that you can make it far as a photographer. You are very talented and have amazing work. You inspire me to get into photography.

Thank you very much.

I want a photography career but people always say they don't make much money, where are you planning to go with your photography skills?

I’m not sure to be honest. I’d love to pursue it full-time if I was touring with bands but even then, not many bands can afford to take a photographer with them. In an ideal world, I’d love to be touring with bands.

what do you usually like to have your ISO set to when your shooting live and there is limited lighting?

Varies, but I typically try not to shoot above 2500 due to the noise. Just depends on the venue. Most places I’ve photographed have had decent lighting.

what advice would you give to someone whonis just starting out with live music photography, what should be done to get your name out there and wanted by other people?

Don’t only shoot “large” or “name-band” gigs. Photograph at local shows for your friends bands and don’t be afraid to experiment with different lighting and lenses. Keep a professional attitude if you feel like you’re going to pursue photography as a job or career, and develop a style you feel suits you well - that’s basically all I can say.

what do you have to do in order to photograph all of these shows? do you know people who give you passes? or do you have to 'apply' for a pass and contact a certain someone in charge of the band/event you're looking to photograph?


I photograph shows via music publications that I shoot for, or for the venues in which the shows take place. After amount of shows if the band keeps coming back I’ve often made friends with them, and shoot for the band themselves instead/alongside shooting for a publication.

Usually if you apply to shoot for a show ‘for yourself’ you’ll be knocked back (this has happened plenty of times).

Hope this helped.

what lens do you use on your full frame?

Pretty much just my 50mm 1.4.